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These Are the Most Shared Real Estate Videos of 2020

If we learned anything this year, it’s that video is a powerful resource that helps you connect with your sphere anywhere, anytime.

The fact is, if you’re looking to reach your audience, really reach them, video is the best medium to make sure your message sticks.

According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% last year. And that number is anticipated to continue to rise.

But even more than that, there’s a lot going on in real estate right now and people have questions. Video can be a powerful ally in helping you get the right message across to your clients.

Here are the top KCM videos real estate agents have shared this year.

Home Has a Whole New Meaning Today

With everything that’s gone on this year, homes have had to play double duty as classrooms, gyms, offices, and more. This has made many homeowners realize that they could use a little bit more space or that they may be happier in a different setting entirely. With affordability at an all-time high, this a great time to let your clients know their buying power could help them get the house that fits all their needs.

Ready to Sell? Homebuyer Traffic is on the Rise

No one could have predicted everything that’s happened this year. But perhaps one of the biggest surprises was that despite everything, homebuyer traffic reached near historical levels. With demand high and inventory low, many homeowners like your clients could capitalize on the competitive market and low mortgage rates by making a move. Sharing this video may be just what motivates them to do just that. 

Why You Need Expert Guidance in a Bidding War

One of the less-than-favorable side effects of a competitive market is the good ol’ fashioned bidding war. While they’re great for the seller, they can add extra stress to an already overwhelming homebuying process for homebuyers. This video is a great way to get in front of buyer concerns and show them that you are the trusted advisor they need on their side to get the home of their dreams.

Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

The mortgage application process is one of the most crucial parts of the homebuying experience, especially in a competitive market. However, for most first time buyers, there are many “no-nos” that they may not know could disqualify them from getting approved. While some may be obvious (no big purchases), many may come as a surprise. This video can clear the air on what to avoid when applying for a mortgage so there are no hiccups when it comes time to close.

5 Simple Graphs That Prove This is Not Like the Last Time

The housing crisis of 2008 left many people believing that recession and real estate are directly related. Today’s market conditions, however, are nothing like what brought down the housing market back then. This video shows just how different real estate today is compared to before and after the bubble years with 5 simple graphs. If you have hesitant buyers and sellers who think we may be headed for another crash, this is a must-share.

Bottom Line

As video continues to elevate the way we digest information, it’s never been more important to start making it a part of your business. 

Whether you’re sharing them on social, creating ads or sending them in emails, video’s benefits are bountiful. And we’re not just talking about listing walkthroughs. 

From market updates on Youtube (like above) to Instagram stories and webinars, your clients will appreciate (and respond better to) this powerful tool. 

And with Personalized Video, you don’t even have to make them. This KCM Pro feature offers you the chance to benefit from all the perks without the costly or time-consuming drawbacks of creating your own. Try it out and see how it can improve your business today.

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