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(English) NAR’s Latest Ad Campaign: The Actual Research

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7 comentarios
  1. Eric Hempler
    Eric Hempler Dice:

    According to NAR’s logic if the parents own a home their children will have higher self esteem and test scores…what a bunch of BS. Kids will be confident and have higher self esteem from a strong family support group, not because they live in a house their parents own versus a rental.

    NAR’s time making commercials should be focused on educating consumers on why they want to use a Realtor and how a Realtor can help them with the purchase and/or sale of a home

    It’s no wonder consumers don’t actually know what we can do for them.

  2. Steve
    Steve Dice:

    I realize some are looking for more current studies. The purpose of this post was to share some of the studies NAR used to substantiate their claims in the ad being debated. That being said, the most current data we know of is cited in the policy brief from the Center for Housing Policy which is linked above.

  3. Ruthmarie
    Ruthmarie Dice:

    I have to be candid…this nonsense about children is anecdotal at best. By analogy – we have “school district wars” going on in my community. Everyone wants a school systems like Scarsdale. Banner system – SUPER HIGH test scores. 95% of the population has to be dragged kicking and screaming to a “lesser district” even though it is plainly obvious that they can’t possibly afford one of the banner districts in a “money town”. As if academic achievement happens by osmosis – simply by being in one of these districts. HOGWASH.

    Its the money honey. The people living in these areas are often richer than God. They throw the full weight of that wealth at their children’s education given them every leg up that they possibly can. Of course they score high! They’ve been in test prep for the SAT’s since Kindergarten. The system is gamed. But all the money in the world will not make someone of average intelligence smarter. By the same token, a great school district in a more diverse school district can offer just as much and more to an ambitious child (yes, some of it has to come from the kid) and parents who support their education.

    But the crazy notion that its home ownership that makes kids more confident is nonsense. Generally home owners are wealthier than renters. Renters have less money to throw at their child’s education. This is a ridiculous argument based on sloppy research leading to equally sloppy conclusions.

    If this is how NAR is helping to brand me – I want my money back.


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