7 Reasons to Provide Quality Content to Your Buyers & Sellers

“Communication is not just about proving a point with scientific rigor. It’s also about convincing your audience and getting them to relate to the point you’re trying to make.” – Harvard Business Review

The quality of information a real estate professional provides is what separates the great agent from the average agent. There is no better way to emphasize this difference than by how you communicate your message with clients and customers. Here are seven reasons to always provide the highest quality of content.

1.) It helps the consumer make confident decisions.

“You don’t market at people, or even to people…We market for them.” – Seth Godin

You need to show that you are here to help families feel confident whether they are buying or selling a home. The best way to do that is by answering their questions about both the market and the process. You do that by providing intelligent and meaningful content.

2.) It helps you build trust.

“The point is to make yourself useful and valuable. To build credibility; to build trust…” – Guy Kawasaki

At this time in history, trust may be the most valuable commodity a business has. You don’t build trust by having the mindset of just converting leads. You build trust with the mindset that you are here to help families.

3.) It shows you are an industry expert.

“It’s not about having the dots. It’s about CONNECTING the dots!” – Seth Godinbr>
It is not enough just to share points of data with your customers. You must take the next step and bring insights to the numbers. Help buyers and sellers understand what the data means to them and their families.

4.) It doesn’t make you look self-absorbed.

“It’s called a blog, not a brag.” – Marcus Sheridan, Sales Lion

Too many agents want to do ‘peacock’ marketing where they spend all their time bragging about themselves and their company. The customer needs to know that you care more about their family’s needs than you care about your accomplishments.

5.) It affords you the opportunity to inform, not inflame.

“Facts are the only good antidote to emotion.” – Anonymous

Whether you are setting a price on a new listing with a seller or explaining why an appraisal came in ‘short’ to a buyer, emotions become part of the equation. The only way to lessen the emotions of the negotiations is to bring the conversation back to the logic of the situation. The only way to do that is to bring in the facts that underlie the situation.

6.) It helps you be convincing.

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming, American Statistician, Professor and Management Consultant

If you want someone to ‘like and trust’ you, you must be able to back up our statements with facts and figures. Your content should always be based on actual data from a reliable source. People are less likely to question someone when they are confident the person they are talking to knows what they are talking about.

7.) It’s much more effective than cherry pie recipes.

“Frivolous content will sink as the gems of true insight continue to rise.” – Marc Davison, 1000Watt

For too many years, our industry has depended on frivolous content such as chocolate chip cookie recipes or music trivia. We have to stop being lazy and start sharing content that proves we know what is happening in the housing market and why it is happening. After all, we are applying for the job of “Top Listing Agent” or “Top Buyers Agent,” not Top Chef or for a spot on Jeopardy.

In conclusion…

Digital Brick, a top ranked marketing company said it best:

“Your goal is to have your customers see you as an asset. You want them to view you and your business as an industry leader or expert. You do this with the content you share and post.”

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