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“I just love the Keeping Current Matters materials… the KCM graphics and posts give me just what I need to increase my expertise while sharing knowledge in a simplified, flashy format to my clients and prospects through all of my media sources.”

“The KCM Membership is an amazing tool from so many angles… one of the greatest parts is the dual value add and investment of marketing dollars; education for myself about the industry and the opportunity to share with my sphere to learn and grow at the same time.”

“KCM provides the knowledge I want to pass along to my customers, and it provides the professional look that I want to have. It’s a great system to build all your other systems around, and I can count on the information being fresh and updated.”

The KCM Membership
what you get


Daily real estate blog posts, personalized with your photo, bio and contact information

Buyer & Seller Guides

Done-for-you real estate eGuides that you can give directly to your buyers and sellers, personalized with your photo, bio and contact information

Professional Visuals

Powerful real estate charts, graphs and other visuals to boost your presentations and marketing materials

We help you
become the real estate expert
your clients expect you to be

Stay informed with relevant real estate industry news and use our
done-for-you personalized resources to effectively communicate with your clients.