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¿Vendiendo su casa? La importancia de emplear un profesional en bienes raíces

¿Vendiendo su casa? La importancia de emplear un profesional en bienes raíces

Cuando un propietario decide vender su casa, obviamente ellos quieren el mejor precio posible con la menor cantidad de molestias. Sin embargo, para la gran mayoría de los vendedores, el resultado más importante realmente es conseguir que la casa sea vendida.

Para cumplir con estas tres metas, un vendedor debe darse cuenta de la importancia de emplear a un profesional en bienes raíces. Estamos conscientes que la tecnología ha cambiado el comportamiento de los compradores durante el proceso de comprar una casa. Durante los últimos dos años, el 92 % de todos los compradores utilizaron el internet para buscar su casa según el último perfil de los compradores y vendedores de La Asociación Nacional de Realtors. (Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers).

Sin embargo, el informe también reveló que 95 % de los compradores que utilizaron el internet al buscar su casa, compraron a través de un agente de bienes raíces/corredor, o de un constructor o el agente trabajando con el constructor. Solo el 2 % compraron su casa directamente de un vendedor que el comprador no conocía.

Los compradores buscan por una casa en internet, pero luego dependen de un agente para que les encuentren la casa que eventualmente ellos van a comprar (53 %) o que les ayude a negociar los términos de la venta y el precio (48 %), o para entender el proceso (60 %).

La proliferación de información que está disponible ahora, ha resultado en el aumento del porcentaje de compradores que se dirigen a un profesional en bienes raíces para “conectar los puntos”. Esto es obvio, ya que el porcentaje en general de los compradores que utilizaron un agente para comprar su casa ha aumentado constantemente desde el 69 % en 2001.

En conclusión

Si usted está pensando en vender su casa, no subestime el papel que puede desempeñar un profesional en bienes raíces en el proceso.

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20 comentarios
  1. Kyle O'Ren
    Kyle O'Ren Dice:

    You’re so right that above anything else when you’re selling a home you just want it to get sold regardless of hassle or pricing. I’ve tried selling on my own and it never seemed to work out for me. I think bringing on a real estate professional is always worth the cost because it takes a lot of the weight off of your shoulders.

  2. Jorge McMillan
    Jorge McMillan Dice:

    I’ve heard that hardest part to selling a home isn’t necessarily the pricing, but the actual selling of the home itself. That is why, like you mentioned, it is vital to hire a real estate professional that knows what they are doing and can make sure that both of those areas are covered. I’m not moving anytime soon, but I see the importance of the real estate agents and I plan on hiring one whenever it is I do move.

  3. John Carston
    John Carston Dice:

    I agree that in order to sell a home at the best possible price and as fast as possible it would require a real estate professional. The stats you provided that 95% of home buyers that used the internet for purchasing a home bought a house through a real estate agent seems to really drive home that point. My parents have tried to sell their home by themselves and it seems to have just prolonged the selling process.

  4. Derek Mcdoogle
    Derek Mcdoogle Dice:

    My brother has been trying to sell his home but hasn’t really come close to completing the sale. You mentioned that 95 percent of buyers that used the internet when searching for a home purchased their home through either a real estate agent of from a builder. Do most agents have different internet marketing techniques that they use to sell a house? It looks like hiring an agent might be the best way to sell his home.

  5. Dennis Sanchez
    Dennis Sanchez Dice:

    You mentioned in your article that people looking for homes used the internet to look for a home, but that a majority used an agent to help them “connect the dots” and help them find their dream home. My college buddy has been rather reluctant to hire an agent to help him find a home. Like you mentioned, I think it helps to have an expert help you find exactly what you want, and get the best deal possible on that home. His casual real estate knowledge doesn’t compare to a professional, so I’ll help him look for a good agent to work with. Thanks for the great article.

  6. John
    John Dice:

    I thought it was really interesting seeing the percentage of home buyers that used a real estate agent. It also talked about the percentages of buyers that looked to an agent for negotiation, home searching, and understanding the entire process. Does this imply that hiring a real estate agent can help you buy/sell a home much quicker and at a better price than without one? If that’s the case, I’d have no problem hiring an agent in the future for all my real estate needs.

  7. Jade Brunet
    Jade Brunet Dice:

    It is good to remember that if you are thinking of selling your home, one should not underestimate the role of a real estate professional. I did not realize that that buyers search for a home online but then depend on an agent to find the actual home they will buy. Interviewing several agents before hiring would be a good idea to ensure you choose one with great communication skills.

  8. John Mahoney
    John Mahoney Dice:

    It really helped when talked about not underestimating the help of a real estate agent when selling your property. As I see it, it is always a good idea to find the help you need from the start in orde to set proper marketing plans for your property. I can see how anyone looking into this would want to make sure they take the time to educate themselves on market trends and the value of their home.

  9. Annika Larson
    Annika Larson Dice:

    It’s important that my husband and I sell our home quickly, and we’re wondering if a real estate agent would be beneficial in this process. Thanks for sharing this information on the importance of a realtor. I didn’t realize that 95% of buyers that used the internet in home searches bought their home through an agent. We will definitely consider the help of a professional.

  10. Marek Stachura
    Marek Stachura Dice:

    Thanks for great info! When thinking of selling your own home, a real estate professional can help you to get the best price for your house. A real estate agent has many qualities including he/she can negotiate the price, can give you the best amount for your house, take care of all documentation and in the last but not least ending of the deal.

  11. Dio Marsaille
    Dio Marsaille Dice:

    I liked it when you said that buyers might look online, but they need the assistance of an actual real estate agent to determine what house they will buy. But anyway, that is no longer my concern since I am a seller. What I can do now is put the house on sale and put a sign in front and hope that a real estate agent will consider it a good option to suggest to his potential buyers.


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